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A new exhibition

Christ Church Upper Library in Oxford, which houses the F.B.Brady Toy Theatre collection, is currently holding an exhibition from the collection , Monday-Friday 1000-1630 until 7th October. Full details are available here


One shop closes, another opens!

As from 31st December 2013 we will stop selling Toy Theatre material via our website through the post. Already we have sold the last of our theatre sets A, B and C. Instead we will launch a new free service whereby you will be able to download and print off all our material, including Skelt reprints, at any time for free. This should be the best available free on-line resource of the British Toy Theatre!

We will sell off our old printed stock via ebay, where you will be able to use PayPal, and at special events.


New Danish Toy Theatre publications

In what must be a record for a republication of original Toy Theatre series, Netherlands expert Harry Oudekerk has made available virtually all the publications of the Danish Illustrated Family Journal. Between 1914 and 1931 this popular magazine “gave away” original stage fronts, scenery, characters and texts that readers could cut out and perform. They illustrate a transition between the traditional publications of Alfred Jacobsen and the modernistic productions of Carl Aller. The Toy Theatre stages that could be made up from the pages of the journal progressed in design with innovative methods of moving the characters and use of background panoramas. In all some 14 Toy Theatre stages and 53 different play titles were issued plus various novelty sheets, shadow theatres etc. Harry Oudekerk has republished most of these sheets in 12 volumes that can either be purchased or downloaded for free via his storefront on the website. He has other similar publications in mind including the pruduction of the Spanish Toy Theatre publishers, Seix and Barral. Be warned however, if you do decide to download these volumes they can be very large, over 300MB in some cases!

New Danish Toy Theatre Shop

There is now another Toy Theatre shop in Copenhagen! Oldfux have opened one for the sale of their reprinted traditional sheets, although it is not open every day. Their reprints include the work of early Danish publishers, Winckelman, Shcreiber and other German publishers and Trentsensky of Vienna. These delightful sheets greatly enhance the possibility of enlarging collections or performing period plays. Full details are available on their website