American Toy Theatre

Toy Theatre was never widespread in the USA. Selz’s American Boys Theater, published by Scott and Company of New York in the 1870s was a reprint of the plays published in England by the “Boys of England” magazine.

This series was followed by a colour printed theatre published by Singer of New York in 1883. This featured traditional European fairy tales and stories from American history such as “Pocahontas” and “The Battle of Bunker Hill”.

Further good quality colour printed plays appeared from McLoughlin Brothers who also published numerous paper toys and cut out sheets. The firm was still selling Toy Theatres after the first world war.

At that time good quality modern plays appeared in the “Delineator” magazine. Each play consists of simple theatre front designed to fit into a shoe box, two scenes, set pieces and characters on a single page. The designer was Robert McQuinn.

Other similar productions appeared, some inspired more by Hollywood than the theatre and designed as children’s toys. Latterly Walt Disney became a Toy Theatre publisher. Plays appeared in his magazines and his artists also designed the “Snow White Theatre” which had the same mounted front design as a classic Pollock stage.


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